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678 sqft

Listing Description


★★SEASIDE Residences★★-a BRAND-NEW,eye-catching private residential development in Marine Parade built by notable developer,Fraser Centrepoint.

Address :Siglap Link

Tenure:99 years

Expected Date of T.O.P : 1 April 2021

Description : 4 Blocks x 27 Storey

★ Future residents will get to indulge in the breathtaking unblocked sea view from their homes★

★Interior Facilities:Fused with classic condo details as well as modern functionality.It has a wide array of facilities to serve residents of all ages★

★Accessibility : Strong transport infrastructure to support the movement of people across the island.

★Amenities : A wide range of recreational,retail and dining options within easy reach.

★All these favourable conditions,will,undoubtedly,be an ideal pick for real estate investors.

Unit Types and Mix

1 Bedroom Suites: 420 and 506 sqft(109 Units)

★Price from $7xx K★

1 Bedroom + S Suites: 560 & 592sqft (188 Units)

★Price from $8xx K ★

2 Bed Viva:678-807sqft(197 Units)

2 Bed Vantage:786-936sqft(24 Units)

2 Bed TRIO:829-980sqft( 23 Units Dual Key)

★Price from$1.0x Mil★

3Bed Viva:1023sqft(38 Units)

3 Bed + S Viva:1087-1302sqft(77 Units)

3 Bed + S Vantage:1130sqft(22 Units)

3 Bed Prive :1206-1475sqft(108 Units)

★Price from $1.5x Mil★

4 Bed Vista:1485sqft(10 Units)

4 Bed Prive :1679,1733,1938 sqft(42 Units)

5 Bed Penthouse :3294sqft( 3 Units)

★Price TBA★

Commercial Units 

Shop : 581sqft ( 2 units)

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